This endeavor began as wishful-thinking, as 3 sisters had impromptu girl time while sitting in a living room, feeding babies, and talking about designing their dream nurseries, which included hand made lovelies that would add the perfect touch of personalization and uniqueness.

   The idea of a hand made cuddly bunny was born and not long after many hours of trial and error and perseverance, the Hunny Bunny came to life.

   We love the idea of giving your baby a gift that is unique, well-made, and that will bring comfort and smiles. Being mothers ourselves, we understand the importance of also providing a product that will be safe for babies and that will grow with your child.

  The Hunny Bunny is sure to delight and comfort your little one and to bring warm memories of a magical childhood when they are all grown up. 



Kristal~ an elementary teacher by degree, a photographer and crafter at heart. Kristal is "mama" to 3 very spunky and active little ladies who love everything Frozen and frosted (a.k.a sugar).

Hunny Bunny original AK design.